Faith Baptist Church Sermons 2015

Pastor Rick Baker


The Sin of Procrastination

How to Be Blessed

Spiritual Famine

Making Decisions

Knocked Around But Not Knocked Out

If You're Wading Through Garbage, Get To Higher Ground

Joshua's Last Words

A Living Soul

Defeated At the House of God

The Omniscience of God

Prayer Life


A Still Small Voice

God Hasn't Forgotten You

The Right Prayer Life

So Much Better

God's Last Window Of Opportunity

How He Loves Us

Let Me Never Be Put To Confusion

When God's In It

Petition To Praise


Some Things To Think About

That Sinking Feeling

But Samuel

The Supernatural

He Sought To See Jesus

Fruit of The Holy Spirit

Recognizing God In The Hard Times

The Lord's Supper

Who hath Believed Our Report

Five Things The Lost and Saved Have in Common


The Power of His Resurrection

Sunday Night Services are Special

The Will Of God

Our Joy

Closet of Prayer

Have You Lost That Heavenly Glow

The Need For Revival

Beholding Wondrous Things

It's All About HIM

Strengthen The Brethren


Cheer Up ~Jesus Is Coming

Encouraged In The Lord

A Love That Never Dies

Your Praise Closet

Out Of Darkness Into The Light

The Right Amount Of Pressure

Examine Ourselves

The Ultimate Sacrifice

In Much Patience

Ministers Of God


Hinderance To The Work Of God

Therefore We Ought To

How Well Do You Know Your Father

God's "B" Honor Roll


Job, The Perfect Father

The Importance Of Staying In The Will Of God

When Our Hope Is Taken Away


Rest In The Day Of Trouble

1 Thessalonians 5

The Lord's Return

The Unbelieving Believer

The Lord's Coming

There Is A Cross For You

The Grace Of Our Lord Jesus Christ


The Dangers of Burn Out

The Dangers Of Burn Out-Cont

A Heart That Makes A Difference


Bringing A Man To His Knees

Bringing A Man To His Knees-Cont



They Went To Hell Anyway

You're Not In This Thing Alone


An Excellent Spirit

The Comforter Has Come

The Blood Of Jesus Christ

Getting Close To Jesus

But Thou

An Excellent Spirit Con't


Filling The Empty Spot

What Does He See In Me

It Is Time To Tighten Up


A Lying Spirit or Spirit of Truth


The Truth

Somebody Better Watch Those Lambs

Putting It All On The Line

The Spirit Of Man

The God Of The Bible

Fighting A Losing Battle

Praising God


When God Is Doing Business In Great Waters

The Wonderful Works of The Lord

Things He Hath Prepared

Blessed Assurance

The Silent Killer Discouragement

Ponder The Path

If I Were The Devil

The Breath Of Life

What's Plaguing You

Do You Believe With Your Heart Or Your Head

It Is The Lord


Keeping Order

Behold His Glory

Objects Are Closer Than They Appear

What Can You Give The Lord

Behold Thy King Cometh

God Will Take Care Of You

After These Things

Encouraging Ourselves


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