Faith Baptist Church Sermons 2016


Pastor Rick Baker


Purpose Of Heart

Examine Ourselves

I Timothy Study

The Unsearchable Greatness of God

Quench Not The Spirit

Are You Ready?

Back To The Basics

Grace Be Unto You and Peace From Him

You Hold The Key To Intimacy

I Timothy Study Cont

Other Little Ships

Other Little Ships Cont


I Timothy Study Cont

He's All I Need

I Timothy Study Cont

I Don't Want To Be Good For Nothing

God Can Use You

A Miracle At Midnight


Burdened Brethern and Worn Out Workers

Things We Should See

Someone Is About To Fall Out

What Time Is It

How's Your Root System

How's Your Root System Cont

The Leg Of Lamb

I Timothy Study Cont


I Timothy Study Cont

A Pen Knife In A Sword Fight

The Price of A Pearl

Worth Every Mile

I Timothy Study Cont


Hold Fast

Hannah And The God That Can Fill The Empty Spots

Don't Go To Far

Lessons In The Heart Of The Storm

I Timothy Study Cont

There Is A Power

The Lord's Mercies

How Will You Be Remembered

The Unstoppable Church


Getting Alone With The Lord

3 Things Every Person Ought To Know

How Is Your Palm Trees

We Have A Choice

Considering Our High Priest

Practical Delegation

The Midnight Cry

A Faithful Man

Where Is Your Treasure



Can You See Your Need

How Close Are You To The Lord

The God That Loves The Homeless

Lord, Help Me

12 Great Things In John 6

Are You A Basket Case

The Dangers Of Losing Your Balance

The Greatest Message Ever Preached



In Over Your Head

Esther Con't

In Over Your Head Con't

Personal Revival

In Those Days

He Is Like A Refiner's Fire

To Be A Deacon

What Time Is It

Thy Will Be Done

Behold Your God



Continue Con't

Principles of Greatness

They Ceased Not

But The God Of All Grace

Are You Learning

It's Time To Ask Ourselves


How To Come To Church


Where's All This Trouble Coming From

It Fell On A Day


The Great Invitation

Esther Con't

The Lord Stood With Me

Don't Lose Heart

How Can We Quit

Are We Listening


Some Things To Follow

The God That I Serve

The Ability Of Our God

The Greatest Battle

Give Thanks To A Good God

Give Thanks

Are You Ready For The Big One

We Can't Stay On The Mountain

Are You Letting Your Light Shine


The Record Of The God I Serve


Behold How He Loved Him

I've Got Some Good News

My Saviour

Self Denial


Other Preachers and Messages

from 2016



What It Takes To Go On Missionary David Epps


Will God Be Standing At Your Funeral WC Dyess

Christ's Appearing David Brown

When The Lord Is In The House Missionary Francis Houston

How Much Do You Love The Lord Missionary Stacy Meadows


The Holiness of God Rick Gaston

Let It Be My Attitude Missionary Denis Celestine

Why Missions? Missionary Ralph Cepec


Strike A Match Tony Hutson

A Full Proof MinistryTony Hutson

History Of The King James Bible Missionary John Green

Just Hang Out At The Pool Evangelist Doug Benton

Parable Of The Pounds Peter Herlan

Loving Like Jesus Missionary Steven O'Brien


Are You Available Chip Stowe

Be A Middle Man Missionary Tommy Baucom

There Is A Rock In The Wilderness Evangelist Doug Benton


Be Ye Holy Steve Gaston

Prepare To Meet Thy God Ben Griffith

Trading Your Waterpot For The Well Doug Benton

What The Grey Head Suggests David McLaughlin


Enoch Walked With God Evangelist Milton Taylor

Free From The Law, O Happy Condition Evangelist Milton Taylor

Youth Service

Being Stuck At A Green Light Doug Benton

Responsible For Your Actions Missionary Presley Felix


The Lord Still Calls Evangelist Scott Grogan

Sword Of The Spirit Missionary Steven O'Brien


A Good Testimony Missionary Frederick Alexander

Abba, Father David Olstad

Setting Your Standards High Bruce Pope


When God Doesn't Make Sense Doug Benton

Youth Service

Awesome Responsibility Missionary Francis Houston

Running In The Valley Justin Baker


Be Strong and Work Evangelist Scott Grogan

Living Pure Lee Benton

The Revelations of the Redeemed Jay Hubbard

The Circles of the Family of God Jay Hubbard

Why We Sing Ben Griffith


Is There Not A Cause Missionary JR Wright

8 Side Effects Of The Bitter Pill Don Sessions

How To Die Right Don Sessions

The Name Of Jesus Don Sessions

The Will of God In The Life of MaryLee Benton