Faith Baptist Church Sermons 2017

Pastor Rick Baker



Ye Have Not Passed This Way Heretofore

Lord Give Me This Mountain

How Now Wow

Are We Really Christ Like

Watch Out For THAT

Ground Zero

A Message From God

Preparing For Revival

Put On Mercies

Where A Standardbearer Fainteth

The Lord Loves The Poor


Preparing For Revival

Turn Your Heart To The Lord

There Is Nothing To Hard For Thee

Thy Time

Our Health

He Restoreth


Your Report Card

Filled With The Fullness

Two Special Loads of Dirt

What Shall I Render Unto The Lord

Practical Observations From the Book Of Jonah

The Doctor Is In The House

The Doctor Is In The House Cont

Do You Have Anything to Offer


When You Can't Remove Your Mountain



The Church

The Wisdom of Solomon

I Need No Other

I Find No Fault In Him

He's With Me In The Shadows


You're Not Fighting A Lost Cause

Paise Him

So Much Better

I Never Dreamed


The Glorious Gospel Of The Blessed God

Hope Thou In God

The Wonderful Revelation Of God


Oh, What A Saviour

The Race That Is Set Before Us

Lest Ye Be Wearied

The World Was Not Worthy

The Power Of Persuasion


Might Have Hope

The Many Facets of Charity

The World Is Confused


A Father To The Fatherless

He Knew What Was In Man

What's In Your Barrel

Are We Getting Anyone To Jesus

The Blessings of God


Give me Liberty Or Give Me Death

Watch Out For The Wild Man

Our Sins

The Lord's Supper

This Jesus

Are You Making A Difference


Daily Christian

And Suddenly There Was A Great Earthquake

No Man Liveth To Himself

Praying Together

The Sound Instructions Before The Sudden Destructions

The Sound Instructions Before The Sudden Destructions cont

Are We Bringing Out The Best In Others

The Lord Thinketh Upon Me

Will You Pass The Test




Partaking of His Divine Nature


When My Heart Is Overwhelmed

Behold My Servant

The Just Man


Have We Lost Our Mind

Precious Faith

What Man Is This

A Fruitful Life

Getting In

Don't Compromise

Divine Nature

Enough Is Enough



Remember Where You Came From

Our Time Together


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