Sharing God’s Word in Mint Hill
Pastor Rick Baker
KJV 1611

Pastor Rick Baker

Pastor Rick Baker has been pastor of Faith Baptist Church since 1995.
In December 1994, Rick Baker starting preaching and filling in at FBC.
In January 1995, Rick Baker was voted in as the pastor.

Letter from Pastor Baker

One of the greatest challenges of our day is to keep the heart focused. It is our desire at Faith Baptist Church to stay focused on Jesus Christ, the Author and Finisher of our faith. In this day of conformity and compromise, it is a blessing to have a place of worship free from the modern day stream of worldliness. Our goal at Faith is that the Saviour be Exalted, the Scriptures be Expounded, the Saint be Edified, and Sin be Expelled. We at Faith have a great responsibility to fulfill the Great Commission. We desire to be witnesses both in Our Jerusalem, and in all Our Judaea, and in Our Samaria, and unto the uttermost part of the earth. We also understand that there are multitudes with spiritual needs. Faith is a place where wounded hearts can find healing and broken lives can be put back together. The church family at Faith are caring loving believers that truly care for others.